Gamemiracle Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004 with games development as its core business and is focusing on PC online, mobile and arcade games market. In previous years, Gamemiracle has developed Little Big Soldier (kids redemption arcade), iQuiz (arcade), Poker Fight Club (mobile, arcade), King of Championship Poker (mobile, arcade), King of Texas Hold’em (mobile, arcade), King of Mahjong (online, arcade), iHorse Racing (online, mobile, arcade) and Total Armor (tank shooting and strategies arcade) which all have satisfactory results.

iHorse series is one of the top favorites of online horseracing gamers. With its high addictiveness and realistic gameplay, iHorse has come to its 13th installment since 2000. iHorse arcades is even the pioneer to utilize the network system in arcade centers, allowing gamers to battle each other without spatial constraints, thus enhancing the enjoyment of the game. It has won the Best Digital Entertainment Online Game in Hong Kong ICT Awards!

Our other products were also selected as the Best Digital Entertainment Award Winners in Hong Kong ICT Award (Total Armor 2007, King of Mahjong 2008...etc.)! In the future, we will finish several leisure mobile and online games, plus some battling network-arcade games in order to bring more fun to game players!

Gamemiracle遊戲奇蹟 成立於2004年,一向致力於開發電腦網絡、流動手機及網絡街機,為電子遊戲愛好者提供遊戲性及耐玩度也甚高的休閒娛樂。

過去數年間,曾推出多款極受歡迎之遊戲,包括《iHorse賽馬運動遊戲》系列、《德州撲克皇》、《小兵大作戰》(彩票機)、《鐵甲雄師》(坦克策略對戰街機)、《iQuiz問答遊戲》、《撲克格鬥會》、《麻雀皇》等等。其中,《iHorse Racing》於正式推出後瞬間獲得大量賽馬遊戲愛好者的垂青,現時已經推出至第13個版本,中文化的資料及極富臨場感的策騎系統深受玩家歡迎!Gamemiracle更是在遊戲機中心內設立連線網絡的先鋒,打破玩家間的地域限制,更因此獲得2007香港資訊及通訊科技獎-最佳數碼娛樂軟件優異獎!

而我們的其它產品,主打網絡街機遊戲《麻雀皇》及《Total Armor》亦順利獲頒最佳數碼娛樂軟件的獎項!未來,Gamemiracle除了不斷為現有遊戲增添更多新元素外,更會開發其他網絡及流動電話遊戲產品,務求為玩家帶來更多驚喜!